Online - Journal Bijenhouden (Beekeeping) from 1898 to current

Published on
March 5, 2012

It’s officially the Year of the Bee in the Netherlands, and since the start of the year, a vast amount of national beekeepers knowledge in journal form can be read on the internet. For example, Wageningen UR Library has placed all articles from 1898 onwards from the journal Bijenhouden (Beekeeping) and its predecessors in Open Journal Systems. Previously, dozens of old volumes of the journal could be searched on a site from the national beekeepers association.

Since 1993, the Documentation department of Wageningen UR Library has published in ARTIK+ catalogue records summarising the most important content from the monthly of the Nederlandse Bijenhouders Vereniging NBV (Dutch Beekeepers Association).The department came up with the idea to also publish the full-text articles of the catalogue records. This has been done with a good deal of practical advice from the beekeepers and a subsidy from the NBV.

(newsletter 2-2012)