Online beer course

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14 februari 2018

A group of fourteen students has developed a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) about beer. Anyone interested in the course is welcome to take it.

It involves four modules that take a detailed look at the themes of production, raw materials, marketing and nutrition. There are also practical assignments, such as beer tastings, brewing beer yourself and creating an advertisement.

Four of the creators devised the MOOC in April 2017 as part of an honours programme, and at the end of the last academic year, they got the green light from the Education Committee to launch the course. The four students devised the structure of the lessons themselves and enlisted a number of fellow students to determine the subject matter.

The knowledge taught in the videos was compiled with the aid of experts in a wide variety of disciplines. The course is free for anybody to take, it lasts eight weeks (including the final exam) and has a workload of three study hours per week. Participants will start the first module on 24 April. You can register for the MOOC via the 100 Years WUR website.

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