Open Access Publication Fund

Published on
May 23, 2006

Under the Open Access publication model journals are freely available via the internet; a subscription is not needed. The publishing costs are covered by an Article Processing Fee, which is paid by the authors (or their employers). Wageningen UR Library has a membership relation with two Open Access publishers: Biomed Central (BMC) and Public Library of Science (PLoS).
Until now the membership fee for Biomed Central covered the Article Processing Fees for Wageningen UR authors. BMC, however, has changed their Open Access business model which makes publishing much more expensive. A membership now yields - like PLoS - a deduction of only 15% per article (average APF is € 1000,- per publication). Apart from this supporter membership one can choose for a pre- or postpay model. Prepayment offers a small discount on the APF.

Because Wageningen UR is positive about the Open Access initiative and the Wageningen UR authors have the intention to publish more in Open Access journals, we have decided to create a publication fund. In 2006, based on the number of articles to be expected and in combination with the jorunal value of the journals in question, this fund will contain € 7000,- for covering the Article Processing Fees under the postpayment model. Only the costs of articles directly charged by BMC or PLoS to Wageningen UR Library will be paid from this Open Access Fund. In 2006 Wageningen UR Library will discuss the future policy concerning Open Access Publishing with all parties involved.

(Newsletter 3-2006)