Open Access deals added to Journal browser

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13 april 2017

WUR Library added important information about Open Access deals to the journal database. We think this information could be useful for all researchers and especially for those who are in a tenure track position.

You can find all journals that the Library subscribes to in the 'Journal browser'. We added three features about Open Access deals and Impact Factor information to this database.

  • Open Access APC discount. Here you can find out how high the discount on the Article Processing Charges (APC) will be for a specific journal. The corresponding author (or sometimes the first author) has to be affiliated with Wageningen UR.
  • Open Access (Gold). A Gold Open Access journal makes its complete contents available to readers at no costs. This is also known as a full Open Access journal. Depending on the journal, an author may have to pay APC.
  • Quartile. Each journal with an Impact Factor can be placed in a quartile Q1 to Q4 according to the position it has in the Impact Factor distribution of the subject category. Q1 has the highest Impact Factor and Q4 the lowest.

When you have found a journal, go to 'more info'. Links to the publishers' websites are available under 'Open Access'. Before you submit your article, please check at the publishers' website if the information is still up to date.

Similar journals

Finally, starting from a journal that might be interesting for you, you can search for other, similar, journals by using the option "similar journals" in the record of the journal. Similar journals are proposed based upon co-citations with the journal you started with. You can find more information at Similar journals: how does it work?