Open Access deals and new journal information

Published on
June 2, 2016

Dutch universities have taken large steps towards enabling Open Access to scientific articles for everyone. You can make your research Open Access by publishing in a 'hybrid' subscription journal. Lately, several new deals with publishers have been completed. We listed the agreements for each publisher.

In the last months new deals have been signed with the American Chemical Society and Karger. The agreement with Sage was completed in September 2015, but the list of journals has just recently been published.

We listed the agreements for each publisher. The contracts with the publishers differ in the details. So, we've made a list of publishers, supplemented with available journal lists and other necessary information.

Please read carefully each journal's instructions before you submit an article. If you need our help, do not hesitate to contact us.

For remarks or questions, please email to Aquila Weijers.