Open Calls @ University of Pau (France)

Published on
May 12, 2017
he University of Pau (France) is opening calls for Junior chairs, PhD and post-docs positions. As partner of this University, our INRA research unit (Nutrition, Metabolism, Aquaculture) is available to host candidates for these positions.

For the junior chairs:

 Required Competences:

-              Applicants are expected to show outstanding commitment to research and teaching

-              A maximum of 5 years’ experience after PhD defense is desirable

-              Applicants should be supported by a local host laboratory (the director is the contact person)

Criteria of selection of the candidate (without priority order):

The research and teaching projects

The candidate’s motivation

The candidate concern for the societal problematic related to energy and environment and his/her positioning to direct efforts toward the identification of original solutions for the future of energy and environment. In this context, the topic that has been chosen for our lab is “New nutritional strategies for sustainable development of aquaculture”

Outstanding scientific record (publications, patents, …)

The chair will be funded for 5 years. The start-up package to support this junior chair consists in two PhD candidates (or one PhD candidate and one postdoctoral fellow) and associated running costs.


For PhD and Post-doc positions:

Candidates will be selected following three steps:

1st step: Candidates will be selected on the basis of the quality of their curriculum in relationship with the disciplinary fields defined by the university.

For our lab : “New nutritional strategies for sustainable development of aquaculture”

2nd step: Selected candidates will be asked to develop a doctoral research proposal with the supervisor

3rd step: Interview - the candidate will be invited to defend his project in front of the selection board.

 Our lab is able to propose hosting for one PhD and one post-doc on the following projects:

·         PhD : Parental selenium and antioxidant status in rainbow trout.

·         Post-doc: Metabolic consequences of fishmeal and fish oil replacement by new ingredients (insects, yeast, microalgae…) in rainbow trout.

If you are interested, please contact before June 10th.