Open call voor innovaties tussen agri-food, ruimtevaart, gezondsheidszorg en ICT


Open call for innovations between agri-food, space, healthcare and ICT

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1 juni 2017

The cooperation between sectors creates the most beautiful innovations. The European project ACTTiVAte therefore encourages technology exchange between four promising sectors: agri-food, space healthcare and ICT. These are technologies with a high readiness level in one sector that can also be applied in one of the other three sectors. You can register for the open call from today.

The open call focuses on SMEs in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Poland. For each selected idea, companies can receive a grant of up to €46,000 to realise their innovative projects. In addition, these companies receive additional support in the form of trainings, workshops, coaching, matchmaking, exchange programmes, investor forums and investment readiness training. This is to ensure that the projects result in commercially successful products.

ACTTiVAte focuses on cooperation between the participating countries and is coordinated by the Madrid Aerospace Cluster. The Netherlands is represented by Wageningen University & Research, the East Netherlands Development Agency (OOST NV) and Agri-Food Capital (Northeast Brabant). For more information about ACTTiVAte and the call, see:

In brief:

• The ACTTiVAte call opens on 1 June 2017;
• The deadline for submitting proposals is 5 September 2017 at 17:00;
• Within two months of closing the call, the proposals will be announced;
• Projects are expected to start by December 2017.