Open stamboek voor Groninger Paard noodzakelijk voor gezond ras


Open studbook for Groningen horse is essential for the future of the breed

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11 augustus 2016

The studbook for the Groningen horse is an open studbook, which allows registration of animals from related breeds. This is essential for a healthy breed. The population analysed demonstrated that the current increase in inbreeding is low, this is essential for a sustainable future of this horse breed. The population consists of 1500 animals with each year about 50 foals registered in different registers.

The policy to use breeding animals from outside the population should be continued to keep inbreeding rates and the risks for genetic diseases and defects low. This is the advice based on the population analysis carried out by the association, the Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands, Wageningen UR and the Dutch Rare Breeds Trust. Another general advise is to use a sufficient number of stallions and to use them as equally as possible.

In addition to this semen from old males stored in the gene bank can been used to generate offspring. The Centre for Genetic Resources together with the association, stallion holders and horse clinics stores semen from stallions in the gene bank. With semen from the gene bank and using IVF-ICSI techniques in spring 2016 a filly foal from Lancelot is born. She will been presented at the national breed inspection 20 August 2016 in Steenwijk.