Opening LAR and LUP atelier

Published on
October 15, 2015

On Tuesday 6th October rector magnificus Professor Arthur Mol officially opened the new landscape architecture and planning atelier at the 5th floor of the Forum building on the Wageningen UR campus. He did so by drawing the very first sketch in the atelier, representing possible landscape transformations near the city of Delft. Professor Mol praised the realisation of the new atelier as an excellent environment for creative work, which he considers as an important contribution to the Wageningen UR profile.

The new atelier is a vibrant and ‘beehive’-like laboratory for teaching design and planning studios and various related courses. It has a very open layout, which stimulates exchange among students from different years so that they can learn from one another. Student work is at the core of the atelier and taken very seriously. It is visible from everywhere. Students hang their sketches on mobile pin-boards; this creates a good overview for discussion and feedback. To present and discuss their work, the students push their pin-boards to the platform of the new presentation room.

Professor Adriaan Geuze, special professor of Landscape Architecture and the driving force behind the design and establishment of the atelier, expressed his gratitude for the support he has received. In particular, he thanked Ludy Zeeuwen of Forum management team, who played a decisive role in the necessary renovations in the Forum in order to create the atelier.

For more information, see the Resource article: online UK version - online NL version