Optimization for The Next Generation Cultivation: Work Package Photosynthesis Monitoring

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26 mei 2014

Jan Snel, Mary Warmenhoven and Arie de Gelder

In Next Generation Greenhouse Cultivation applications investments, yield improvements and energy savings need to be in balance. Optimization of crop growth will have to ensure a reliable implementation of energy saving concepts. Monitoring of crop photosynthesis can assist the grower in optimizing light use and production.

In this project Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture and Gademann Instruments have developed and tested a monitoring system for PAR and photosynthesis in 8 crop layers simultaneously. The combined photosynthesis data from all layers is a measure for crop photosynthesis. Software was developed for on-line acces and analysis of real-time and stored data. Three units were first tested in a greenhouse compartment WUR and afterwards installed in the Improvement Centre. The results showed little variation in light response of leaves of the various crop layers during the monitoring period (September - October). It was also evident that the crop did not suffer from light stress, as judged by the high photosynthesis efficiency during the night (FV/FM). Evaluation of the results shows that the PAR measu measurement with the internal PAR sensor of the instrument is too inaccurate for a reliable upscaling to crop photosynthesis.

Sponsors are the Productschap Tuinbouw, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Kas als Energiebron