Ordering books through EBS

Published on
May 22, 2007

Recently the Acquisitions department of the Library was added as supplier within the EBS (Electronic Ordering System) of Wageningen UR. This implies more than just adding another supplier.

An order is forwarded from EBS to the Library, where it is decided if the publication in question is an asset for the collection. If not, then the order will be sent directly to the supplier as indicated. If it is, then the person who ordered the publication is asked if the book that is ordered can be included in the collection. If this person agrees, the order is further handled by the Library. The EBS-number is included as internal ordering number on the order  form and mentioned on the invoice. The received book is catalogued and then given in loan to the person who ordered the book, thereafter it is included in the Library's collection. The invoice is forwarded to the person who ordered the book for payment, who, with the invoice information, adjusts the order in EBS. Prefered supplier is Stern Verlag, with whom the Library has agreed upon favourable delivery conditions (including a discount of at least 15%).

Students can express their wishes for purchases through a form in the Digital Library.

(Newsletter 3-2007)