Orientation for the Forum Library

Published on
August 21, 2007

Wageningen UR library is proud to invite employees of the Sciences Groups to an orientation meeting in the new Forum Library from September 10-20, 2007. After the official opening of the building, we believe that it is essential for you as information-user to have a chance to really get to know your new library.

It is important not only to see the beautiful new building, but also to see how the collections of a number of libraries have been merged and how they are now presented. Also, you can experience the modern services available and how the library interior has been created into an attractive environment to study and work for students and employees.

We are aware that many of you use the digital library intensely and therefore rarely visit the library locations. During the orientation meetings, there will be ample attention paid to developments surrounding the digital library.

The tour and presentations will be given per Sciences Group by the information specialists and information intermediaries from that subject area. Registration and more information: Servicedesk Library. If you are unable to participate with your Sciences Group, you are more than welcome to join another group.

  • See the schedule of meetings

(Newsletter 5-2007)