PPP Paprika; a business model for the whole chain

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3 juni 2014

A distinctive pepper with a high score on People, Planet and Profit. ZwinGrow, Rijk Zwaan, ENZA Seeds LookAtFresh and five greengrocers were looking for these peppers. Together with Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture and LEI three varieties were selected based on consumer research on attractiveness of their taste and appearance and a high content of healthy ingredients.

Also resistance to aphids has been screened. Last year, the products are tested in the grocery in the shelve with limited communication. This year is a test with additional communication concept has been developed for these peppers. Together with the whole chain this concept has been discussed and developed; the main target group should be woman between 25-35 years, appreciating tasty, healthy meal, with little preparation time, unless she would like to cook in the weekend. She also loves variety and visits groceries. This target group is approached by offering fresh peppers recognizable in a bright and cheery display, with a different recipe each time, combined with the same recipes as ready-made meal; she can choose for the same recipe for home cooking or a quick meal. It is expected that this combination will stimulate sales of the sweet peppers. Communication on the shop floor is of great importance for the sales. To give the employees of the greengrocers the feeling with the concept and cultivation of sweet pepper,  an evening was organized for them with the sweet pepper grower, who showed and explained the cultivation of the sweet pepper. in the flavour lab in Bleiswijk at Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture they experienced taste of pepper juices (photo). In this way the business model for the whole chain will be further developed. This year's emphasis is on the design of the cooperation process in the chain in the long term.