Pad and fan system now included in greenhouse simulation model

Published on
June 24, 2014

Air distribution systems in greenhouses are used more frequently aiming to make the greenhouse climate homogenous and to reduce insects entering. The system can be combined with a pad wall through which dry warm outside air is moisturized and thereby cooled. The air is then distributed evenly over the greenhouse.

The main problem with the classical pad and fan system is the fact that the air near the pad wall is to cold and near the fan to warm. The system can reduce this effect provided the cooling capacity is equally distributed.

Adaptive greenhouse design model

The adaptive greenhouse design model which is used to determine the greenhouse climate and related production for a specific location in the world in relation to the greenhouse design, now incorporates the pad and fan system. This means the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration is calculated over the length of the greenhouse so the related production can be estimated more preciously. This allows a better comparison between a greenhouse fitted with an air distribution system and the classical pad and fan greenhouse.