Paper selected as research highlight of Nature Food

Published on
July 3, 2020

Joy Adiele recently published a paper in Field Crops Research "Towards closing cassava yield gap in West Africa: Agronomic efficiency and storage root yield responses to NPK fertilizers". The paper has received attention by Nature Foods and has been selected as a research highlight in the June edition.

In this publication Joy Adiele and colleagues evaluate the yield potential and nutrient use efficiency of Cassava. Nature foods writes the following about the published work:

"This study points out that cassava yield gaps in sub-Saharan Africa may be larger than previously thought, and agronomic and internal utilization efficiency of nutrients by cassava are large. This highlights that cassava has a major role in the future food security of sub-Saharan Africa. Although the agronomic practices and optimized fertilizer applications that are needed to achieve high yields require further definition, this study identified the urgent need to develop suitable agriculture practices and to develop accompanied value chains that can support sustainable crop intensification in Africa."