Parkeersituatie Wageningen Campus in verband met bouw Unilever


Parking situation Wageningen Campus in the context of Unilever’s construction activities

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15 september 2017

Starting this week, heavy loads of sand, concrete and steel will be transported across Wageningen Campus in the context of Unilever’s construction activities. As a result, parking on the side of campus roads (i.e. outside of the designated spaces), which is prohibited to begin with, and at P4 poses significant risks

The contractor has been tasked with placing clear road signs at the affected areas.

Please note that there is more than enough room on temporary car park P1 and car park P3 to safely park your car.

The campus map shows the various parking options available.

The parking policy on Wageningen Campus is as follows:

  • On Wageningen Campus you can park only in the parking areas. It is assumed that there are enough parking places on the grounds. Everyone may park in all of the parking areas. It’s no more than a 10-minute walk from the 4 large parking areas (P1, P2, P3) to a building.
  • Wageningen Campus is subject to the Dutch Road Traffic Act. You can thus be fined for incorrect parking.
  • At every building a few parking places have been reserved for the disabled, visitors and/or suppliers. Contact the reception desk of the building if you have urgent reasons to (temporarily) park close to the building.