Partners sought for healthier food composition


Partners sought for healthier food composition

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10 juni 2015

TNO and Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research (FBR) are looking for partners to join a project on improving the healthy composition of foods. This project offers a unique opportunity for the food industry to benefit from, government co-financed, collaboration of TNO and Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research. Within the project food products are reformulated to meet consumers requirements in terms of healthier composition, without compromising the required quality characteristics.

In this project we will improve the healthy composition of individual products by reformulations or by creating new innovative alternatives. With existing food products the challenge is to maintain the quality perception, while modifying fat, salt, protein and/or sugar levels. Parties can join the research program which starts before summer 2015. Currently we foresee a two year program.

Improved reformulated composition

The daily intake of sodium, sugar and fats is generally too high, while the average consumption of fibres is too low. This leads to major health issues and rising costs of healthcare. In order to make western diets more healthy food manufacturers need to make changes. This can be done intrinsically by adjusting product properties or extrinsically by nudging the consumer by means of communication about the product (through labelling, claims and/or type of packaging). This project will focus on these two factors and their interaction. 

The key objectives of this project are:

  • Make it easier to create every day food products with desired characteristics combining health with great taste for intended consumer groups.
  • Create design and (re)formulation rules for product groups with healthier composition and attractive sensory perception by consumers.
  • Deliver generic quantitative relations between food ingredients, processing, food properties, external modulators and food perception.

Communicating the improved reformulated composition to consumers is another challenge. It turns out that sometimes consumers perceive low-salt or low-sugar claims as a negative cue towards the product quality. In this project we want to directly assess these effects for the reformulated products that are developed. Sharing learnings across product categories in this multi-partner project will allow all partners to benefit in their own product development strategies and marketing approaches towards different target groups such adolescents and elders. 

Sign up till June 30

Interested? Please contact Joost Blankestijn (TNO) or Sanne Minten (FBR) for more information.