Paulien en Suzan's Library

Published on
August 21, 2007

One of them comes from Groningen, the other from Apeldoorn. Now they stand dazed as they visit the Leeuwenborch Library for the first time. Paulien and Suzan are fresh from high school, and Information Specialist Joke Webbink has just given them an introduction to the library. Before they begin their library tour, they have a bit of time for a chat. Honestly, they think it's enough. They have already experienced so much in their first weeks in Wageningen, and they are stuffed with so much information that they have hardly any room for the library introduction.

Of course they think the library is important and they absolutely cannot compare this library with their high school's library. And they are certainly going to use the library a lot, and they think that they'll quickly learn how to search for literature. However, they don't know what a digital library is, but Suzan doesn't see it as a problem. "We're not idiots", she says. "We google daily, so we'll get literature searches down pretty quickly". "And otherwise we can just ask for help", Paulien adds. They see the library as a great place to study. That's why they applaud the evening opening hours. They understood from the introduction that they can also search for literature from home, but the library seems to them an ideal study area with relevant literature close at hand.

They haven't been to the Forum Library yet. Paulien: "Because of our study Health and Society, the Leeuwenborch is our first choice, but we're also going to have a look in the Forum Library soon, if only to discover the study possibilities".

Even though they have only temporary housing, they already feel right at home in Wageningen and in the student association life. They've only known each other for a few (intensive) weeks, but they've already become close friends.

(Newsletter 2007-5)