Promotie Famelab Finaliste Mirte Bosse


PhD defence Famelab Finalist Mirte Bosse

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22 mei 2015

Mirte Bosse, PhD candidate at Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre and one of the four winners of Famelab Wageningen 2015, defends her PhD thesis on Friday 22 May, entitled "The hybrid nature of pig genomes. Unraveling the mosaic haplotype structure in wild and commercial Sus scrofa population". Mirtes findings show that Asian genes in our European pig breeds results in a larger number of piglets.

Mirte analysed re-sequence and genotype data from hundreds of pigs and wild boars to answer questions about the underlying mechanisms that shape genomic variation. From her finding can be concluded that that the mixing of European and Chinese pigs during the Industrial Revolution some two hundred years ago, has ensured that the genetic diversity within our commercial pigs is bigger than in the wild boar populations. There are pieces in the genome of commercial pigs that are generally more Asian than European. These pieces of genome prove especially to have an effect on the thickness of the back fat and provide an increased litter size. Mirte her findings demonstrate that a single genome contains information on the demographic history of a population, from ancient bottlenecks till recent inbreeding, hybridization and selection.

On May 22, 16:00 to 17:30 pm, Mirte Bosse defends her thesis in the Aula of Wageningen University. See the invitation details and the link to follow via WUR TV.

Mirte Bosse acquired the degree of doctor with a cum laude designation on Friday 22 May. The jury mentioned the exceptional capability of Mirte to independently practise science as the decisive factor for this result.