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February 26, 2010 (Plant Health) is the central point where knowledge, experiences and educational materials on plant health, crop protection, fertilization and sustainable cultivation are clustered. Instructors, students, researchers and entrepreneurs can find current information on The website, which works as a portal, has been operating since the start of January 2010. It is an initiative from the programme team Plant Health from the Groene Kenniscoöperatie (Green Knowledge Cooperative) and is part of the Groenkennisnet (Green Knowledge Net).

  • Every day new information on research, education or publications
  • On the sector pages, users can find specific information per crop and receive access to the most recent publications and recent information from research. Users are also referred to the picture bank
  • More information about research projects at the onderzoekspagina (research page)
  • Research and education work on knowledge accessibility in projects in different ways. The products of these collaborations are available as lesson packets. Information at the onderwijspagina (education page).

The heart of the website is the Kennisbank (Knowledge Bank). The Kennisbank makes looking for information sources per sector, per theme or per method of pest control easy. The Kennisbank is formed by a so-called partial view in ARTIK+ from the Wageningen UR Library. The Library also contributes to the Files and the news reports on the homepage.

The Wageningen UR Library participates in the transfer of knowledge from research to practice. In the programme Ontsluiten Publieke Kennis (Making Public Knowledge Accessible) resources are being delivered from the ARTIK+ database for Groen Kennisnet (Green Knowledge Network) to various websites focused on education, entrepreneurs and private individuals. In addition to, other examples are Groenweb (Green Web), Infoloket Platteland (Information Window for the Countryside), Spade, Bloembollenweb (Flower Bulb Web), Dierenwelzijnsweb (Animal Well-being Web) and VarkensNET (PigNET). 

(Newsletter 1-2010)