Planting seeds of knowledge all over the world

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6 september 2018

From September 15th till October 15th WUR on Wheels will take place. Together, we will bike around the world. Hydrology teacher and Teacher of the year 2016 Roel Dijksma explains how much fun it is to tell the same story different ways.

I love biking as a way of transportation: it is the perfect way to wake up in the morning and to clear your head in the afternoon. I used to bike to work all the time when I lived in Ede. Unfortunately I live further away now so I don’t do it every day.  I recently bought an E-bike (a mountain bike type of bike), so I will hopefully do it more often in future. It is also a great way to be in touch with the seasons and your surroundings, you can see so much more detail compared to when you’re travelling by car. I often stop to study for instance the water level of the Rhine river, or a drought –struck heather field on the Posbank. They are perfect places to take pictures for my next lecture.

The full story of Roel can be read on the WUR on Wheels site.

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