Playing the Library Game

Published on
September 23, 2019

First-year students have recently participated in the Library Game. The Library Game is an active learning activity to discover the library in a fun, new and engaging way.

You might have noticed groups of students walking around the library during the first two weeks of September. These were first-year students discovering the WUR Library.

The library has worked hard over the summer to create an escape room game for first-year students. The Library Game lets students interactively discover the physical and digital library. Students impersonate a special agent in training. They search for books, scientific articles and professional journals to crack different codes to open a physical lock and a digital environment. The Library Game familiarizes students with the tools the WUR Library offers them during their study and how documents are stored and classified.

We received a lot of positive feedback from the students after the game. They learned a lot and had fun. We wish all first-year students good luck in their studies!  

Students playing the Library Game in the WUR Library