Pleasure garden for Linnaeus

Published on
May 22, 2007

On Saturday June 16, the exposition 'A pleasure garden for Linnaeus' in arboretum De Dreijen is opened by Hans Magnusson, the Swedish Ambassador.

This year the 300th anniversary of  Linnaeus, the founder of plant and animal taxonomy, is internationally celebrated. Artists of the Platform Professional artists Wageningen have designed a 21st century botanic garden inspired by the Linnaeus inheritance. Scientists of Wageningen UR and KLV have collaborated with the project. The exposition is open until Juli 29, from 08.00 till sunset.

At the same time there is an exposition in Museum de Casteelse Poort about Linnaeus and the herbarium of  George Clifford. This rich English merchant, governor of the VOC and inhabitant of the villa 'De Hartecamp' gave Linnaeus the order to map his collections.
Site on the George Clifford Herbarium

The Library's Special Collections has cooperated with creating the Clifford site and the exposition in the Casteelse Poort.

(Newsletter 3-2007)