Postdoc Vacancy: Resilience and vulnerability at the urban Nexus of food, water, energy and the environment

Published on
July 25, 2016

We are looking for a postdoctoral candidate with strong social science background and proven training and research interests in African urban studies to join the project team of ENP, Wageningen University.

The postdoc position is part of a collaborative project on resilience and vulnerabilities at the urban food-water-energy Nexus in three global cities, with Kampala (Uganda) as a focus area in this part of the study. The vacancy is part of an NWO-ESRC-FAPESP funded transnational research program on “Sustainable Urban Development’ with University of Sussex and the University of São Paulo. The project’s aim is to reveal the connections and trade-offs between the provisioning of food, water and energy in urban areas, and how this interacts with urban vulnerabilities. Based on this analysis, the project derives insights for improving the governance of service provision at the Nexus, in order to address the vulnerabilities experienced by marginalized urban communities. The project applies and further develops social practice theory in analysing the interactions and dependencies of practices by users, planners and service providers in the urban Nexus. The other aim is to support resilience building at the urban Nexus by users, planners and practitioners through active collaboration with societal partners in the cities of Kampala (Uganda), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Guarulhos (Brazil). The postdoc at ENP will be responsible for conducting field research in Kampala for a total of 6 months with a focus on informal settlements while also contributing to theory development; project coordination tasks including organising workshops with users and planners in Kampala; city-exchange trips for policy planners; and a workshop on the urban Nexus in Wageningen as a final deliverable of the project.

The deadline for applications is September 1, 2016.
More information on the requirements and application procedure can be found here.