Potato growers asked for yield differences

Published on
March 5, 2021

In the project 'yield gap analysis for sustainable potato production in the Netherlands' research is done on yield variability and yield explaining factors in potatoes. Field experiments have been done to asses potential, water limited, nitrogen limited and actual yields. In addition, farmer's fields throughout the Netherlands were followed throughout the growing season to determine which yield determining factors play a role in the yield variability in potatoes. However, in these experiments only a limited number of farms and farmers can be reached.

To reach more potato growers, a questionnaire was disseminated among potato growers. The main aim of this questionnaire is to get a better understanding of potato yield variability at different farms. In addition, these growers are asked to hypothesize what causes lower yields at their farms. Recently, an article was publised about this research and the questionnaire in farmer's magazine 'Nieuwe Oogst'