Preparing for the move

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11 januari 2004

Since 2003, Wageningen UR Library has been engaged with preparing to re-house collections from various locations to the Forum, the new library building. In order to offer users of the Forum an even better service the collection will be housed in one common and structured system. Currently there are as many systems as libraries so all publications that are to be moved to the new library will be recoded.
However, duplicates will not be disposed of before being offered to staff and students. A home will be found for the remainder, for example Nuffic or the Charity 'Groningen Helps the University of Kandahar'. In many cases this will be done immediately prior to re-housing and users will not be faced with an empty library.
At the time of re-housing more than 500,000 publications will have been recoded and more than 300,000 publications (more than two kilometres) will have been selected for the open system: the 'browse' collection.

(newsletter 11-2004)