Presentation of the Wageningen Universiteit Vijfje to Louise Fresco

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11 oktober 2018

In front of the Roman goddess of agriculture Ceres, mint master Stephan Satijn has unveiled the design of the latest commemorative coin, the Wageningen Universiteit Vijfje (‘University Fiver’), and symbolically presented it to Professor Louise Fresco, president of the executive board of Wageningen University & Research. The ceremonial First Strike is planned for 2 November 2018 on Wageningen Campus, with the presentation afterwards.

The Wageningen Universiteit Vijfje was commissioned by the Ministry of Finance in honour of the 100-year anniversary of Wageningen University & Research. Accroding to the Konklijke Nederlandse Munt is the Wageningen Universiteit Vijfje “a worthy tribute to this 100-year young and internationally recognised research institute, that we can be very proud of in the Netherlands.”

The design

The Wageningen Universiteit Vijfje was designed by the Swedish artist Malin Persson. The centre of the coin features a powerful and abstract representation of a sunflower. During the daytime, the flower moves along with the sun, while at night it turns towards the east again, as a reference to the global interests of Wageningen University & Research. On the front of the coin, the pattern of the sunflower changes into circles, which draws the eye up to a portrait of Willem-Alexander that is fit for a king. The back of the coin features a variation of the sunflower in which the seeds symbolise crops or fields as viewed from above. The pictured Erlenmeyer flask represents science.

Availability and mintage

Pre-sales of the Wageningen Universiteit Vijfje begin on 11 October at The Royal Mint expects this coin to sell out quickly because of the internationally engaging theme and its experience with previous commemorative coins.