Prestigious Polish fellowship POLONEZ 1 granted by the National Science Centre

Published on
September 2, 2015

The National Science Centre in Poland is about announcing a new call for proposals: POLONEZ 1. This is for research projects (12-24 months) carried out in Poland by individual fellows from abroad.

As such, if you know anyone looking for a post-doc or even sabbatical position, this seems to be a good opportunity. Note that this is very competitive call, but the conditions offered are really very good: ca. 9760 PLN net/month (salary) + ca. 760 PLN net/month (family allowance) + 112 000 or 320 000 PLN r (12-month or 24-month research grant). For comparison, an average salary of full professor in Poland is between 6000 and 10 000 PLN net/month. And, of course, costs of life in Poland are lower than in EUR countries, but standard is the same. Last, but not least: Gdansk is a quite nice city and our faculty is located in a new, modern building.

I will be happy to host the fellow and provide all necessary facilities in my lab together with giving an access to a supercomputer (from the list of top 500 fastest machines over the World). The only condition is that the candidate’s project should be complimentary to the projects recently conducted in my group. Generally speaking, we are developing new computational modeling methods for risk assessment of chemicals and new materials (nanomaterials, ionic liquids etc.).