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Printing and copying with the eWallet

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23 juli 2014

In the last month, new 'multifunctionals' for printing, scanning and copying have been installed at Wageningen UR, including the Library. These multifunctionals use the 'eWallet', a payment system that has been integrated into the WUR card.

Use of the eWallet in the Library

The 'eWallet' is a payment system that has been integrated into the WUR card, which all students and employees have.

  • Students can place credit on their eWallet to print or to scan and to copy.
  • Employees can use the multifunctionals free of charge, but they need to use their WUR card to do so.
  • Visitors without a WUR card who want to copy in the Library can purchase a pre-paid eWallet in the atrium of the Forum. The card costs € 8.50 and comes with € 7.50 credit.

A few copies, no WUR card?

Do you only want to make a few copies, and you don't own a WUR card? Borrow a pre-paid eWallet from the Lending Desk in the Forum Library. You'll be charged for the copies when you return the card. You can pay by Chipknip or by debit card. Unfortunately, visitors without WUR card cannot yet print or scan at the Library. However, we hope to solve this problem soon.