Progress of the Wageningen Bibliography

Published on
September 4, 2012

To create the Wageningen Bibliography, the Library is digitizing the publications of Wageningen UR and its predecessors.

With the help of the archive from the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group, more than 190 publications of Thieu Meulenberg, the founder of Dutch marketing, have been digitised. A large part of this corpus is accessible through 'Open Access'. The Library is endeavouring to collect and digitise all of Meulenberg’s publications.

M.T.G. (Thieu) Meulenberg (1931-2006) was one of the first Dutch scientists who immersed himself in marketing issues. In 1965 he was appointed as a lecturer in marketing at the then Wageningen Agricultural College. In 1971 he published his first textbook “Inleiding in de Marktkunde” (Introduction to Marketing). He was the founder of the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group at Wageningen UR. He was also the crown-appointed member of the Social and Economic Council for many years, and he was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Milk Union (Campina) and the Aalsmeer Flower Auction. Seven of his PhD students are now professors in marketing.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Integrated Water Management Team from Alterra, part of the almost 300 memorandums from the former Institute of Land and Water Management (ICW) have been digitised and made available through Hydrotheek. The ICW memorandums were issued from 1957 to 1989 but still contain valuable information.

(newsletter 5-2012)