Project proposals awarded

Published on
March 23, 2015

In the last few months several project proposals with CSA involvement were awarded.

INREF awarded the project proposal “Responsible life-sciences innovations for development in the digital age: Environmental Virtual Observatories for Connective Action (EVOCA) in crop, water, wildlife and disease management” (programme leaders Prof. Dr Cees Leeuwis and Prof. Dr Peter H. Feindt). Furthermore the NWO project “Responsible innovation in Dutch potato breeding” (with the Rathenau Institute and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) and in March two NWO Green projects “More roses for less: Balancing between crop growth, fungal diseases and energy use in greenhouses” (with Horticulture & Product Physiology WU and Plant-microbe interactions UU) and “Clever Cover Cropping: Synergistic Mixtures for Sustainable Soils” (with Soil Quality, WU and NIOO) were accepted.