Promising labtests in battle against slugs

Published on
October 27, 2017

Slugs are a problem in a lot of crops. They damage young shots and flowers and are difficult to control because of their hidden lifestyle.

The slugs in Alstroemeria were identified as Deroceras invadens (common names: Brown field slug or Longneck slug or Sicilian slug) and in Cymbidium as Lemahnia valentiana (common names: Spanish slug or Iberian three band slug or Valencia slug). At the request of growers and with the financial support of an RVO voucher the efficacy of different pesticides was tested on slugs under laboratory conditions.

Pesticides tested

Growers of Alstroemeria and Cymbidium collected slugs and these were used in the laboratory experiment. Tested were pesticides which are already on the market:

  • Metarex Inov (lure/bait and metaldehyde)
  • Sluxx HP (Fe(lll)fosfaat)
  • Nemaslug (nematodes)

Also three substances were tested, described in the literature as promising in controlling slugs.

The slugs from Alstroemeria are smaller than those from Cymbidium and because of that they die faster. All tested pesticides and two substances gave good results in the lab-test.