Promising new technologies for commercial practice in the postharvest domain: 4-days course

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22 mei 2017

At this years 4-days Postharvest Technology course we highlight new technologies within the postharvest domain that are likely to enter commercial practice within 5 years.

Experts of WUR pitch on the use of the following new technologies:

- LED light treatments before and after harvest to improve product quality.
-Advanced vision and near infrared technology for non-destructive quality measurements of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants.
- Improved automation, robotisation and “deep learning” technologies for sorting and objective quality control.
- Use of Big Data and ”Baysian networks” for product quality prediction.

New in our programme is also a contribution on the use of genetic variation and breeding to improve postharvest quality.

Join us from 10-13 October 2017 and learn the fundamental basics, best practices (incl. excursions) and need to know-latest insight on the physiology and current technologies of storage, packaging and handling fresh produce.


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