Publications of Prof. Kees de Wit fully digitised

Published on
July 3, 2012

All publications of one of Wageningen’s most famous researchers, Prof. Dr ir Kees de Wit (1924-1993) have been digitised in collaboration with the Centre for Crop Systems Analysis and made available in Wageningen Yield (WaY).

Kees de Wit was awarded the Wolf Prize in Agricultural science, the most prestigious prize in this field and considered the Nobel Prize for agriculture. In 2004, de Wit placed 3rd in the election for the most important Wageninger. His 4 pioneering publications are now available to a broad public: Transpiration and Crop Yields (1958), On competition (1960), Ionic balance and growth of plants (1963) and Photosynthesis of leaf canopies (1965).

By combining the Library's sources with the known publication lists of C.T. de Wit, as in Chet (2009), we could put together de Wit’s complete publication list, including his master's degree thesis, which is available in the Library's collection.

(newsletter 4-2012)