Publishing a journal article including the dataset

Published on
April 6, 2016

More and more publishers now ask for datasets that contain supplementary information to a journal article. Datasets can be published simultaneously with the article. Some publishers offer to store these datasets in their archives. Wageningen UR Library also offers the option to publish your datasets.

Elsevier uses Mendeley data as an archiving service and PLOS collaborates with Figshare. Several ecological journals (e.g. Functional Ecology and the Journal of applied ecology) have an agreement with Dryad to deposit datasets. These services are currently free of charge, and authors are not required to sign over their copyrights in the datasets.

We do however recommend that Wageningen UR authors use the data publishing services offered by Data Management Support.

These services include:

  • Publishing the dataset in a trusted archive
  • Providing you with a DOI to the dataset
  • This service and storage is free of charge, provided the dataset does not exceed 1 Tb
  • We make a record of the dataset in our research output registration system Pure, and relate the dataset to the article
  • As a result the dataset will appear as output in your publication list.

We can publish your dataset as Open Access; or if you prefer with restricted access levels.

Would you like to know more? Or do you have a dataset that you would like us to publish? Please let us know.