Growth promoters


RIKILT searches for "undetectable" growth promoters

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7 februari 2014

By using state of the art analysis techniques, RIKILT is searching for growth promoters that are currently undetectable.

Earlier this week, a German journalist showed how easy it is to obtain untraceable growth stimulants in a Russian laboratory. It concerned a protein growth hormone known as ‘Full size MGF’. RIKILT is trying to trace such variants of growth stimulants using mass spectrometry techniques and bio-assays. In November 2013, RIKILT researchers published a review on this topic.

Effective growth promoters

Demonstrating the misuse of peptides and proteins as growth promoters is an important issue for regulatory authorities in sports and veterinary control. Peptides and protein growth promoters can be extremely effective in stimulating muscle growth, and current analytical detection strategies for this class of drugs are limited, these agents can potentially be used illegally by athletes and farmers.

The methods described in the review focus on the possibilities of using mass spectrometry for peptide and protein analysis for veterinary control of farm animals and doping checks in athletes.

Mass spectrometry analyses.


Mass spectrometry (MS) is a widely used technique for identifying molecules. Identification is based on the mass of various fragments of the molecule being studied.