Reacties van de studenten van het Anne van den Ban Fonds

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15 juli 2014

Vorig jaar konden de donateurs van het Anne van den Ban Fonds welkomstkaarten sturen aan de nieuwe eerstejaars studenten. Het bestuur van het Anne van den Ban Fonds overhandigde de kaarten aan de nieuwe studenten. Het is al even geleden maar bij deze kunt u een aantal reacties van de studenten lezen.

I have to mention the welcome cards that we received from the respected people who are behind the scenes of the fund and are helping us to take one further steps closer to our dreams. The words of motivation in those cards, keep me encouraged to work hard and strive to the path of fruition.
Adithi, India
Finally, when I saw the welcome cards from our ABF sponsors, I was really touched by the power of humanity. The fact that some people who do not know me, who have never met me,are helping me to achieve my dreams shows the bond between human beings. I wanted to thank them through email but the cards I got do not have their addresses. Anyways, I really want to thank you for the opportunity. Thank you very much!
Mohamed, Ethiopiƫ