Recording of webinar A Living Income for Cocoa Farmers

Published on
May 14, 2020

On 22 April, 2020, SDSN Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems hosted the webinar A Living Income for Cocoa Farmers. This webinar was part of SDSN’s 24-hour webinar celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by exploring the SDGs through the lens of well-being and happiness.

The webinar was introduced and moderated by Ken Giller, Professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and Co-Chair of SDSN Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems. Among others, Maja Slingerland of our chairgroup held a session where she interviewed Niek Koning on the economics and politics of enabling a living income for cocoa farmers. A summary post of the webinar can be found here.

The webinar has also been recorded and can be watched in the video below.

Session outline:

0:00 Introduction by Ken 

4:40 Yuca Waarts (WEcR): A living income for cocoa farmers

23:42 Urcil Kenfack Essougong (PPS): Local flavour and perspectives from field work experience in Cameroon

30:13 Faustina Obeng Adomaa (WUR-KTI): Increasing farmers income through pruning interventions in Ghana

36:42 Interview with Niek Koning and Maja Slingerland

52:11 Panel discussion with Gael Lescornec (IDH), Stephanie Daniels (Sustainable Food Lab), Pierre Broun (Olam), Kamrigne Laossi (Olam) and Verina Ingram (WUR)

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