Rector flies drone during Dies

Published on
March 14, 2016

During the Dies of Wageningen University on March 9, rector Arthur Mol demonstrated the opportunities of drones for science in a live demonstration.

During his presentation he flew a drone with a small camera providing a live view of the audience. He concluded his demonstration: ‘Drones can also be used for crowd control: I think this crowd is pretty well under control!’.

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The 98th Dies Natalis of Wageningen University had as theme: ‘The Digitalisation of Nature’. Digital technologies and infrastructures and big data offer new opportunities to investigate and resolve difficult issues in society and economy. This allows diversification and optimization solutions for the food and environmental challenges of today. For example in precision farming drones and other devices are used for collecting and combining data on soil quality, crop growth and prevalence of pests. With the help of these data precision farming decreases inputs per crop unit, increases harvests per hectare and thus lowers environmental impacts.