Online masters wageningen University straten in september 2015


Registration online masters just opened, first applications in already

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3 oktober 2014

Applications for the first two full online master programmes of Wageningen University are already coming in. The programmes will start in September 2015 and registration opened a few weeks ago. One application has even been approved already: a British student who fulfilled all requirements. He can now officially sign up for the online master Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health.

Online master programmes make it possible to obtain a full master degree from the internationally renowned Wageningen University for those unable to spend two full years in Wageningen. This is ideal for international students who want to combine a study with their job. The duration of the online masters is a bit longer than of regular master programmes. Following courses within the online learning environment takes two years, with a study load of approximately 20 hours per week. The course programmes also include two short stays of two to six weeks in Wageningen in order to take part in lab-practicals. After those two years, students will have to do an internship and to write of a master thesis.

More online master programmes to follow soon

Initially, Wageningen University offers two online masters: Plant Breeding and Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health. More courses will follow soon.

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