Reports of Staring Centre digitised

Published on
November 24, 2015

Wageningen UR Library has digitised all reports and maps of the former Staring Centre. Over 700 reports on land, soil and water are now stored in the e-depot and publicly available.

The Library scanned 731 research reports and all maps of the former DLO Winand Staring Centre for Integrated Land, Soil and Water Research. The Staring Centre is now called Alterra. The reports were published from 1987 to 2000. Almost all reports were in Dutch.

One of the first: Onderzoek naar de effekten van mestbeperking op de nitraatuitspoeling in waterwingebieden in Overijssel published in 1987 and one of the latest: De bodemgesteldheid van de aanpassingsinrichting Ade, published in 2000.