Research activities in marine policy

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24 december 2013

The increasing use of European seas leads to environmental problems and to increasing competition between different sectors, such as shipping, offshore energy, marine infrastructure, port development, fisheries and aquaculture. The development of integrated maritime and marine policies is important to manage these activities in a sustainable manner.

In the period 2009-13, research activities in this field were boosted by the Wageningen UR Centre for Marine Policy (CMP). This centre integrated research disciplines such as marine ecology, economics, governance, fishery research, maritime research and marine law. By addressing and integrating these scientific disciplines, the CMP addressed system complexity and interaction, and supported the search for consensus in governance.

In this report, the editors present an anthology of the various research activities of CMP researchers. These findings from CMP-related work range from ecosystem-based management through integrated participatory modelling to integrated marine policy initiatives. These contributions form a good basis for further research on relevant topics among collaborating partners of Dutch marine research in the future.

The CMP was co-funded by the Province of Fryslân and consisted of four parts of Wageningen UR: Wageningen University, LEI Wageningen UR, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, and IMARES Wageningen UR. The centre facilitated interaction within the broader marine and maritime research and policy network in Europe. A range of projects funded by the EU and by Dutch research programmes have been carried out on marine policy issues in this context.