Research innovation theme 3: Sustainable Food Transformations

Published on
June 20, 2016

Sustainable (healthy, slow, local, safe and secure) food is increasingly central to people’s lives around the world. In the media, in politics, in science and among the general public the question on how to improve the production and consumption of sustainable food is debated from many different perspectives and including multiple interests.

The Environmental Policy Group contributes to these food debates through our social scientific research. Our work shows that the transition to sustainable production and consumption at a global scale needs to incorporate trade-off’s between multiple claims around ‘local’, ‘organic’ and ‘fair’ food. Second, we contribute to the improvement of new governance arrangements and instruments such as eco-certification, that can be used to make sustainability activities in food value chains more transparent and traceable. Finally, we aim to specify the distribution of (action) responsibilities for sustainable food futures among retailers, (small) farmers/fishermen, NGO’s and citizen-consumers.  

Our exciting food agenda is approached with innovative social theories and implemented together with colleagues in other disciplines and with practitioners from all around the world.

Learn more about it on the food theme page.

Next week the last two themes of 'Governing Environmental Mobilities' and 'Governing Climate Futures' will be presented.

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