Research with Insurance: Quality Assessment of Environmental Models

Published on
November 23, 2015

Biometris collaborates with the Statutory Research Tasks Unit for Nature & the Environment (WOT N&M) at Wageningen UR in the field of quality assessment of environmental models and databases used in policy-oriented research for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. This includes the quality assessment of models that underlie the Nature Outlook reports issued by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the review of the National Ecological Network, and the evaluation of policy on fertilizers and crop protection products. The quality assessment aims at improving and maintaining the documentation as well as technical quality of these models and databases.

Models play an important part in the research around complex environmental policy questions. Insufficient quality of such models may have consequences. For example, having to redo model-based calculations may lead to high additional costs, while discussion about the quality of models might severely confound political decision-making. Quality assessment by the WOT N&M in collaboration with Biometris aims at minimization of such risks. 

In quality assessment of models and databases two general levels of quality are distinguished by the WOT N&M: level A (for documentation and model management) and AA (for technical quality). In addition, there is a quality level A+ with extra demands compared to level A that have been formulated in deliberation with stakeholders and clients. Biometris and the WOT N&M cooperate intensely in screening models used for environmental issues. In this way Biometris brings quantitative methods to life!