Research with new type soil moisture sensor for soil grown crops.


Research with new type soil moisture sensor for soil grown crops

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28 mei 2015

Efforts to reduce emissions at soil grown crops have been given a boost by a new type of soil moisture sensor. Various types of sensors were tested but application was stuck due to technical and practical problems. A new type will be developed by DACOM in cooperation with researchers from Wageningen UR and dictated by the demands of growers.

The sensor works with a solar-powered and has wireless communication. This fulfilled a key demands of the farmers, to have no wires. Power, communication and sensor are in one system, so placement is reasonably flexible. However, - which goes for all sensors -, placement must be carefully in order to get accurate moisture contents.

The sensor measures at three depths, two in the root zone (20 and 35 cm), designed to monitor the moisture available for the crop and one lower (60 cm), which should indicate leaching. A first set has been placed recently at a chrysanthemum grower in Bleiswijk, coming weeks placement will follow at seven more growers with, chrysanthemum, radish, lysinanthus and alstroemeria.