Responsible innovation through health labels on food

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18 januari 2016

Vincent Blok en Marcel Verweij received NWO-funding for collaborative research proposal on responsible innovation in the food industry together with Management Sciences and Leon Jansen of the te Choices ('Ik kies bewust') label. Health labels on food products are generally seen as aiming to support healthy choices by consumers. However, it is questionable how effective these labels are in promoting health, especially among socio-economic disadvantaged groups. Given that requirements for the Choices label are getting more and more stringent, it may also boost innovation in the food industry and make healthy foods better and unhealthy options less available.

Two PhD students will explore barriers and drivers in food companies to participate in the Choices logo and develop healthier food products, and they connect these motives with reflection on the ethical responsibilities of the food industry to contribute to public health.

Leon Jansen and Vincent Blok were recently interviewed about this topic by NWO.

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