Rob Lubberink went on a visit to Malawi

Published on
October 12, 2018

Rob Lubberink is a postdoctoral researcher at the BMO group, and went on a visit to Malawi to get a better understanding of the research context for the coming 3 years in the Osmare project.

During his visit in Malawi, he talked with several organisations in a local dairy value chain, including the dairy processor, farmers associations and smallholders themselves. Additionally, Rob visited a milk bulking group and joined one of the smallholders in her process from milking the cow early in the morning all the way to the place where her milk was bulked. That is also where a focus group was held with other dairy smallholders who came to deliver their milk. If you would like to know more about the insights that Rob has gained during his visit in Malawi, please read the blog that he wrote by following this link:

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