SDDDC study visit


SDDDC Study visit

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4 oktober 2016

On September the 23d, Wageningen campus was pleased to receive a 17-member delegation from China. This delegation has visited Holland for one week, as part of the SDDDC collaboration between China Agricultural University, Royal FrieslandCampina and Wageningen University & Research. On the last day of their study visit, a morning program was planned at Wageningen RIKILT. In the afternoon, a visit was planned at the innovation center of Royal FrieslandCampina.


At Wageningen RIKILT, Jeanette Leenders, communication advisor RIKILT, and group leader natural toxins and pesticides dr. Hans Mol, introduced Wageningen RIKILT, including an interesting Case Study in the laboratories. Although some participants were attracted enough by the building and the laboratories itself, more information was shared in the case study about dioxins and how it, eventually, can end up in high concentrations in milk.

Later that morning, associate professor dr. ir. Kasper Hettinga introduced the chair group Agrotechnology and food sciences, where the participants showed particularly an interest in cultured meat, one of the topics highlighted by Kasper. The group was most curious whether Kasper thought if cultured meat was the solution for the expected scarcity of animal protein in the future. This resulted into an interesting discussion!

Last but not least, program leader at Animal breeding & Genomics unit Sipke-Joost Hiemstra introduced the Animal Science Group and highlighted some interesting research topics. He also discussed the topic of Genetic Selection and stressed that this has a much lower change of success if the local environment is not included into the breeding program. This also resulted into interesting questions!

After the introductory presentations, the delegation was guided to the Restaurant of the Future. And once the participants were familiar with the order process in the restaurant, everybody enjoyed a nice lunch. Finally, the delegation was guided via the Forum Library towards the Innovation Centre of Royal FrieslandCampina for the rest of their program. Altogether, it has been another successful visit!

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