SDDDC restructured

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4 april 2017

The brand new structure of the Sino Dutch Dairy Development Centre (SDDDC) was brought into action and presented at the end of March by the new taskforces towards the supervisory board.

SDDDC objective

The objective of the SDDDC is to bring together, inspire and share knowledge among stakeholders in the Chinese dairy sector. At present, China’s dairy market is facing major challenges. China is experiencing a rapidly growing demand for dairy products, but has limited availability of arable land. At the same time, the focus of the dairy sector is shifting from quantity expansion to quality improvement and profitability increase. That is why it is key to improve milk yield and milk quality. Besides, food quality and food safety have become important priorities for the Chinese government.

Last December Wageningen University & Research signed a new MoU within SDDDC together with Royal FrieslandCampina, the Chinese Agricultural University and all the other Dutch parties like CRV, Qlip and Rabobank and Chinese parties like Eastern Bell, Wellhope and HuaHuaniu. The project started in 2015 and will run at least till the end of 2017.

New structure

The supervisory board stayed the same with Martin Scholten as member on behalf of Wageningen University & Research. New are the Taskforces: Research & Innovation, Training & Education, Demonstration and Networking & Exposure. Each taskforce has specific objectives and consists of a project leader and members.   

WUR representatives in Taskforces

In the new structure of the SteerCo WUR is represented by Kees de Koning and Janine Luten. Kees is responsible for research and is chair of the steerco, Janine is responsible for training and education and chair of the Taskforce Education and Training. The Task Forces have an important role in the preparation of the SteerCo meetings. The Taskforce Education and Training is responsible for defining and coordinating the training and education program, to ensure trainers, teachers, methods and curriculum in place, to define the role of SDDDC organisation within the Task Force and to provide quarterly feed back to the SteerCo.

Taskforce Education en Training

At this moment several training courses are already up and running: a master training, a dairy academy training and in-depth trainings. In development are several online modules. In addition there are exchange programmes. Chinese students are supported and guided to visit Wageningen University, as well as a number of PhD’s is invited. Teachers are exchanged between Wageningen University and the Chinese Agricultural University in Beijing.

More information

In case of any questions, please contact Maarten van Rees, programme manager. General information can be found on the SDDDC webpage.

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