SDG-conference: collaboration essential for sustainable development


SDG-conference: collaboration essential for sustainable development

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29 augustus 2018

On the 30th and 31st of August the SDG-conference will take place in Wageningen. Hundreds of participants will study how the sustainable development goals of the United Nations can be realized. What motivates those participants? Resource publishes a series of interviews.

Etharin Cousin, former president of the United Nations World Food Programme, wants to combat food deserts, in both developing countries and the United States. Food deserts are situations where several communities don’t have access to nutritious food. A key issue according to her is cooperative action. “You need all parties on board for sustainable development”.

Marijn Faling, PhD candidate at the Public Administration and Policy group, focusses on how policy entrepeneurs can contribute to climate-smart agriculture. To get different parties to agree, it is vital for policy entrepreneurs to be able to frame an issue in different ways. “They must have different messages to sell the same idea to different parties.”

As Rector Magnificus of Wageningen University, Arthur Mol is involved in 12 of the 17 sustainable development goals. According to him, WUR’s role is to collect and share new and reliable knowledge, both regarding the issues and regarding the directions to follow to reach solutions. For that purpose, collaboration and partnerships are very important. “We need others to achieve something”

The complete stories of Etharin Cousin, Marijn Faling and Arthur Mol can be read on the Resource website, as well as the previous parts of this series.

Marijn Faling believes that policy entrepeneurs can increase food security.
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